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Economic growth to a rise in the number of new goods and services as well as an expansion of the middle class. Growth also widened the gap between the rich and the poor, and industrialization led to unsafe working conditions and crowded cities.


McClure's magazine

Thiis another national magazine that had been founded in 1893 by the reform-minded Scots-Irish immigrant S. S. McClure.



They "raked up" and exposed the muck, or filth of society.


Lincoln steffens

McClure's publication in October of 1902 of "Tweed Days in St. Louis," by him.


Ida Tarbell

She this article in November of 1902 McClure's ran the first installment of "History of the Standard Oil company"


Ray Stannard Baker

He toured this nation examining the plight of the African Americans. He published in 1908, his book in which he described a lynching in Springfield, Ohio.


Theodore Dreiser

In the novels Sister Carrie(1900) and The Financier(1912) in which he depicted workers brutalized by greedy business owners.


Edith Wharton

In The House of Mirth he wrote about how thee closed-mindedness of lite society leads a good-hearted heroine to social isolation and despair.


Herbert Croley

In book called The Promise of American Life(1909) in which he argued that the government should use its regulatory and taxation powers to promote the wellfare of all its citizens.