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what is CMA?

assists seller clients in arriving reasonable asking price for sellers


what is a appraisal?

is opinion of value based on supportable evidence and approved methods. Appraisal report is an opinion of market value on property given to a lender or client with detailed and accurate information.


who is a appeaser?

is person trained to provide an unbiased opinion of value in impartial and objective manner, according to the appraisal process. appraising is a professional service perform for a fee.


what is regulation of appraisal activities?

Title X of the federal financial institution reform recovery and enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) require that most appraisals used in connection with a federal related transaction be performed by someone licensed or certified by law.


who is associate real estate trainee appraiser?

entry level appraiser, all reports must be consigned by a state certified residential real estate appraiser or state general real estate appraiser.


who is certified residential estate appraiser?

qualified to appraiser residential property of one unit to four units without regard to transaction value or complexity buy with restrictions in accordance


who is certified general real estate appraiser?

qualified to appraise all types of real property without restrictions as to the scope of practice subject to USPAP


what is appraisal report and what is in it?

this is prepared by an appraiser recognized untie act must ID on the report, by name, the person who ordered or origination the appraisal assignment. the appraiser must retain the original copy all contacts engaging his searches as an appraiser and all appraisal report, including any sporting data used to develop the appraiser all the report, including and supporting ate used to develop the appraisal report, for a period of not less then five years or two years.


what does CMA stand for?

comparative market analysis


what is CMA base on?

1. recently sold property
2. properties currently on the market
3. properties that did not sell


what is value?

in real estate market- that have monetary worth based on desirability the for characteristics


what is does DUST standard for value?

1. demand
2. utility
3. scarcity
4. transferability


what is market value?

is most probable price that property should bring in a sale


what are three assumptions for market value?

1. it presumer a competitive and open market
2. the buy and seller are both assumed to be acting prudently and knowledgeably
3. market value depends on the price not being affected by unusual circumstances


what is second definition of market value?

is an opinion of value based on an analysis of data. the data may include not only an analysis of comparable sale but also analysis of potential income


what is market price?

on the hand, is what property actually sell for, its sale price


what is anticipation?

according the principle of anticipation, value is created by the expectation that certain even will occur. value can increase or decrease in anticipation of some future benefits


what is change for value?

no physical or economic condition remains constant


what is competition for value?

is the interaction of supply and demand.


what is conformity?

mean that max value is created when a property is in harmony with it's surrounding. Max value is realized if the use of the land conforms to existing neighborhood.


what is contribution?

the value of any part of a property is measured by if effect on the value of the whole.


what is highest and best use?

the most profitable single use to which a property may be put, or the use that most likely to be in demand in the near future


what is increasing and diminishing?

addition of more improvement to land and structures increasing total value only to asset's max value, beyond that point, additional improvement no longer affect a property value


what is law of increasing returns?

as long as money spent on improvement produces an increase in income


what is the law of diminishing returns?

at the point where additional improvements don't increase income


what is regression and progression?

the worth of a better quality property is adversely be the presence of a lesser quality property this is know as regression
thus, in neighborhood of modest homes, a structure that is larger, better maintained. this would be progression, the value of modest home would be higher if it were located among larger, fancier properties


what is substitution?

the max value of a property tends to be by how much it would cost to purchase an equally desirable and valuable substitute property


what is the sale comparison approach?

an estimate of value is obtained by comparing the property being appraised with recently sold comparable property


what is elements comparison approach?

1. property rights
2. market conditions
3. conditions of sale
4. market condition since the data of sale
5. physical features and amenities


what is the cost approach?

to value also is based on the principle of substation.