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what is three basic methods can be used to describe real estate?

1. metes and bounds
2. rectangular (or gov.) survey
3. lot and block (recorded plat)


what is metes and bounds?

is the oldest legal decryption
metes means distance and bounds means compass direction or angles.
this relies on a property physical features to determine the boundaries and measurements of the parcel point of beginning


what is monument for point of beginning under meters and bounds?

are fixed object used to identify POB, the end of boundary segments or location of intersecting boundaries


what is does IL for describing real estate?

IL meter and boundary are used when describing irregular tracts, portions of a recorder lot, or fraction of sections. such description always incorporate the rectangular survey method nd refer to section, township, range and principal meridian of the land.


what is rectangular (government ) survey system?

this was based on the two sets interaction lines principal meridian and base lines.


what is a principal meridian?

line that run north and south


what is base lines?

lines that run east and west


how many principal meridian line in the US?



how many meridians actually run through IL?



where is the second principal meridian located?



What is township tires?

lines running east and west parallel to the base line and six miles apart, are referred to as township lines. they form strips of land called township tiers


what are ranges?

the land on either side of principal meridian is divided into mile wide strips by line running north and south, parallel to the meridian


what are township squares?

when the horizontal township line and the vertical range line intersect. they form squares. these township squares are the basic unit of the rectangular survey system


what are townships?

are six miles square and contain 36 square mile (23,040)


what is sections?

each township contains 36 sections. each section is one square mile or 640 acres. Section are numbered 1 through 36. 1 is always in the northeast or upper right corner. the numbering proceeds right to left, beginning the upper right corner. it continues as winding river to 36.


what is section 16?

section is for schools


what is lot and block system?

their method of legal description is the lot and block (recorded plat) system. the is system uses lot and block number referred to in plat map filed in the public records of the county where the land is located. the lot and block system is often used to description property in subdivision and urban areas.


where is lot and block system is used in IL?

in subdivisions are the predominate method of describing developing land in this state.


what is IL Plat act?

when an owner divides a parcel of land into two or more parts, any of which is less then five acres, the parts must be surveyed and a plat surveyed and and a plat of subdivision recorded.


What is the exception for IL Plat Act?

an exception to this would be the division of lost or block of an acre in recorded subdivision that does not involve creation of any new street or easements of access. when a conveyance is made, the county recorder an affidavit that an exception is made


Who is licensed surveyor?

is trained and authorized to locate and determine the legal description of any parcel of land. the surveyor does this preparing two documents: survey and a survey sketch.


what is a survey?

it state the property level description


what is a survey sketch?

it shows the location and dimension of the parcel. when a survey also shows the location, size, and shape of building on the lot. is referred as spot survey


what is datum?

is point or surface which elevations are measured or indicated