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State the difference between Cooperation and Collaboration

the difference between cooperation and collaboration is that cooperation is people working together to achieve a common goal and that collaboration is people working together to achieve a common goal with feedback and iteration included


What is the importance of critical feedback?

For a collaboration to be successful, members must provide and receive critical feedback... some guidelines are to be specific, offer suggestions, avoid personal comments, strive for balance, question/check your emotions, do not be dominating, and demonstrate your commitment to a group


What are the 4 primary purposes of collaborating?

1. to become informed (share data & communicate interpretations/develop & document shared understandings)
2. make decisions
3. solve problems
4. manage projects


Describe the differences between operational, managerial, and strategic decision making

These three styles are on an x-y axis. y-axis is structured--> unstructured, x-axis is operational, managerial, and strategic.

Operational management is structured, Managerial management is a bit more unstructured (middle-ish) and Strategic is more so very unstructured. These methods tend to be more unstructured as we get an increasing need for collaboration


What are some collaboration tools/systems that are used to foster collaboration?

synchronous virtual, go to meeting, webex, skype, google hangout, zoom;

asynchronous virtual meetings: email, discussion forums (canvas)

and apps that blur the lines: slack,,


tell us something about augmented collaboration and what it could mean for business

for business, augmented collaboration could open up communication to people very far away and have them more involved with the task at hand from the user's viewpoint