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characteristics of what Cloud is

Cloud computing--the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer


Advantages of Cloud

lower costs--cheap processors, essentially free data communication and storage; ubiquitous access; improved scalability; elasticity; elasticity; virtualization technology; internet-based standards enable flexible, standardized, processing capabilities


Disadvantages of Cloud

dependency on vendor, loss of control over data location; little visibility into true security and disaster preparedness capabilities


Characteristics and Types of Clouds

private-one tenant being served: services are delivered from a business's own data canter to internal users often through their own private network, more suited to company's or industry's that have highly sensitive information

public- multiple tenants being served simultaneously: services are delivered by 3rd party providers (ie AWS) data center to users through the internet

hybrid- usually for companies with their own data center, but experiences spikes in demand and have no desire to continue building



Saas- software as a service--an application you use via your browser ie., iCloud, Office 365

PaaS- platform as a service- a "virtual" server in the Cloud (accessible from anywhere, anytime) that you can add your own applications into, usually with little to no storage aka "cloud computing"

Iaas- Infrastructure as a service-typically this is considered to be "storage in the cloud" or "cloud storage"