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Extended definition of data

Data is the raw material from which information is produced. The quality, reliability and integrity of the data must be maintained for the information to be useful.


Basic definition of information

Information is data that has been processed, structured and put into context so that it conveys meaning to the person receiving it.


Extended definition of information

Data is necessary first in order to have information. Once data is structured it can become information because it can have meaning in a particular context.


Define knowledge

Knowledge consists of data/information that has been processed, organized and put into context to be meaningful and also to convey understanding, experience, accumulated learning and expertise as they apply to a current problem or activity.


Extended definition of knowledge

When raw data is structured and processed into information so that the expertise is transferred to a person for effectively addressing a problem, then the raw data has been transformed into knowledge.


Basic definition of data

Data or raw data refers to a basic description of products, customers, transactions, events that are recorded classified and stored.