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How does the first layer control access to the network?

-Anti virus software.
- Firewalls.
- Intrusion detection system.
- Virtual private networking.
- Denial of service protection.


How does the 2nd later verify user access to a network?

-Username / password.
- Password synchronization.
- Public key infrastructure.
- Tokens.
- Biometrics.
- Single-sign-on.


How does the 3rd later give rights to a user on a network?

- User / group permission.
- Enterprise Directories.
-Enterprise user administration.
- Rules based access control.


3 layers of network security

1. Network layer security or perimeter security (control access to network)
2. Proof of identity or authentication (verify identity of user accessing network)
3. User permission on network or system based on identity / authorization (what user can do once authenticated and granted network access)