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when is the heart developed

during the 3rd week


what happens during the 4th week of gestation to the heart

bulbis corids, ventricular bulge, atrial bulge


what are the 3 fetal shunts

foramen ovale, ductus venous, ductus arteriousus


what is the purpose of the fetal circulation pathway

it allows for shunting of blood flow around the fetal liver and lungs


how much blood does the ductus venous shunt

30-50% of the oxygen rich blood around the fetal liver and flows into the right atrium


where does the blood flow through the foramen ovale shunt

blood flows from the RA into the LA


where does blood flow from pulmonary veins

it goes into LA then into the LV, out the aortic valve - supplying blood with the highest oxygen content to the head, right arm, and coronary circulation


how does blood flow through the ductus arteriousus

the high PVR causes most of the pulmonary artery blood flow from the RV to bypass the lungs, flowing through the ductus arteriosus


what happens on day 21 in the heart

it is formed


what happens on day 22 in the heart

the heart beats


what changes are seen with pressure during the transition to uterine life

decreased PVR
decreased pressure in right heart
increased pressure in left heart