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____ is pervasive distrust and suspiciousness, such that the motives of others are interpreted as malevolent; "Pervasive, persistent, and inappropriate mistrust of others"; condition begins by early adulthood

Paranoid Personality Disorder


Cluster ____: behaviors that are described as odd or eccentric



Cluster ____: behaviors that are described as dramatic, emotional, or erratic



Cluster _____: behaviors that are described as anxious or fearful



_____ is characterized primarily by a profound defect in the ability to form personal relationship

Schizoid Personality Disorder


_____ is a pattern of socially irresponsible, exploitative, and guiltless behavior that reflects a disregard for the rights of others - individuals explode and manipulate others for personal gain and are unconcerned with obeying the law

Antisocial Personality Disorder


Drugs for antisocial personality disorder:

Lithium and propanolol


_____ is characterized by a pattern of intense and chaotic relationships, with affective instability and fluctuating attitudes toward other people. These individuals are impulsive, are directly and indirectly self-destructive, and lack a clear sense of identity

Borderline Personality Disorder


_____ is characterized by excitable, emotional, colorful, dramatic, extroverted in behavior. They have difficulty minting long-lasting relationships, although they require constant affirmation of approval and acceptance from others

Histrionic Personality Disorder


Persons with _______ have an exaggerated sense of self-worth. They lack empathy and are hypersensitive to the evaluation of others. They believe that they have the inalienable rite to receive special consideration and that their desire is sufficient justification for processing whatever they seek

Narcissistic Personality Disorder


_____ is characterized by extreme sensitivity to rejection and because of this may lead a very socially withdrawn life. The extreme shyness and fear of rejection, however, create needs for unusually strong assurances of unconditional acceptance

Avoidant Personality Disorder


______ is characterized by "a pattern of relying excessively on others for emotional support." This mode of behavior is evident in the tendency to allow others to make decisions, to feel helpless when alone, to act submissively, to subordinate needs of others, to tolerate mistreatment by others, to demean oneself to gain acceptance, and to fail to function adequately in situations that require assertive or dominant behavior

Dependent Personality Disorder


Individuals with ______ are very serious and formal and have difficulty expressing emotions. They are inflexible about the way in which things must be done and have a devotion to productivity to the exclusion of personal pleasure

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality