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Who is overall the manager of the Navy and Marine Corps Decedent Affairs Program?

Navy Casualty, Navy Mortuary Affairs (Millington, TN)


Who's responsibility is it to manage the Decedent Affairs Program on small independent operational units and on board naval vessels?

CO, OIC, Medical Service Corps Officer, and the senior corpsman under the guidance of Navy Mortuary Affairs.


What instruction is the "Decedent Affairs Manual"?



To carry out the various responsibility of the Decedent Affairs Program, what are the five programs that have been established?

-Current Death
-Graves Registration
-Concurrent Return
-Return of Remains
-Casualty Assistance Calls


The _________ __________ Program provides professional mortuary services,supplies, and related services incident to the care and disposition of remains of persons eligible for theses services. Under this program, remains are shipped to a place designated by the primary next of kin also known as Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD).

Current Death Program


Which of the five programs is normally operational on a worldwide basis during peacetime, but may also be used during major conflicts?

Current Death Program


The _________ ___________ Program provides the search, recovery, evacuation to a temporary cemetery or a mortuary, initial identification, disposition of personal effects found, and burial in the temporary cemeteries.

Graves Registration Program (GR or GREGG)


What program is only operational when authorized by the responsible commander during military operations?

Graves Registration Program (GR or GREGG)


The _________ _________ Program combines the Current Death Program and Graves Registration Program. This program provides for the search, recovery, and evacuation of remains to a processing point; identification and preparation of remains in a mortuary; and shipment, for permanent disposition to a final designation designed by the Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD).

Concurrent Return Program


What program normally becomes operational when large numbers of military personnel are committed to a strategic area?

Concurrent Return Program


Under what program are remains buried in temporary cemeteries (under the Graves Registration Program) normally disinterred and evacuated if conditions and capabilities permit?

Concurrent Return Program


The __________ ___ __________ Program provides for permanent disposition of remains of persons buried in temporary cemeteries who could not be evacuated under the Concurrent Return Program. This program is activated only upon the enactment of special legislation.

Return of Remains Program


What may authorize the establishment of one or more permanent American cemeteries in the overseas area and may give Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD) the option of having the remains buried therein or shipped to another place of their choosing?

Special legislation


When the Return of Remains becomes activated, who is responsible for notifying fields of activities of its activation?

Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED)


What program is not part of the Decedent Affairs Program and is administered by the Chief of Naval Operations Personnel Command and the Commandant of the Marine Corps?

Casualty Assistance Calls Program (CACP)


What program details a Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO), a commissioned officer or enlisted personnel, to personally contact Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD) and SNOK with problems surrounding the death and information about member's personal effects, estate, SGLI, funeral planning, and allowances?

Casualty Assistance Calls Program


What instruction is the "Navy Casualty Assistance Calls Program"?



Personnel under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Navy are eligible for what?

Decedent Affairs


Within how many hours after it is determined a casualty has occurred, must a casualty report be submitted?

Four hours


Who are required for the submission of a Personnel Casualty Report?

All active duty members, retired navy inpatient at MTF, DoD civilians, and dependents


Who must submit a Personnel Casualty Report when a member becomes a casualty?

The service member's Commanding Officer


Personnel Casualty Report should be sent as what urgency message?



The Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD) should be notified of a death by a uniformed Navy or Marine Corps representative, during what hours of operation?



When a death occurs CONUS, who's responsibility is it to make sure that the personal notification is made?

Member's Commanding Officer (CO)


Duty watch personnel from where, is available 24 hours a day to receive message traffic, phone calls, and email traffic from OCONUS command when a death occurs?

Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERSCOM)


A Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) is normally assigned to assist the needs of family members for what period of time?

90 days to 9 months depending on the needs of the families


An initial notification is made by the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) who schedules a follow-up notification to complete the paperwork associated with the death within how many hours?

24 hours


The Commanding Officer must write a letter of condolence to the appropriate NOK within what time frame?

48 hours


What two places do a copy of the condolence letter must be sent to?

Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERSCOM) and Office of the Judge Advocate General (OJAG) Investigations Division


What must be performed on the remains of active duty if the death is considered accidental, intentional, suicide, homicide, or absent care of a physician?



Remains of individuals that are in motorcycle accidents, automobile accidents, or under the care of the physician, autopsies are at the discretion of whom because it is not a requirement?

Discretion of the local medical examiner


Who may request an autopsy if he or she deems it necessary?

Commanding Officer (CO)


When an autopsy is desired but not required permission must be granted from the Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD). True or False?



If federal government or local jurisdiction determine than an autopsy is not necessary, who is financially responsible for the movement of the remains and the pathologist's private autopsy fees?



What type of message should be used to notify Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) and Navy Mortuary Affairs of a disaster resulting in the death of naval members?



What must the priority message include?

Identification of dead or missing personnel, equipments required, and technical help required.


When a search and recovery operation continuous longer than 36 hours, how often is a chronological progress report submitted to BUMED and Navy Casualty Office?

Every 24 hours


What is the minimum amount of recognition that is required for the Commanding Officer (CO) to be satisfied about remains being considered identified?

Two: fingerprint and dental compressions


Who will establish the final conclusions and take actions that are required for final disposition of the remains if shipped from outside CONUS to CONUS?

Navy Mortuary Affairs


What are three ways utilized to determine positive identification?

DNA, fingerprint analysis and forensic odontology review


For cases that are pending identification, the personnel casualty report status shall categorize the service member as?

Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown (DUSTWUN)


What contracts are awarded to funeral directions serving local area of activities anticipating three or more deaths per year?

Annual Contracts


What contract are created through Navy Casualty Office, Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) to a funeral home when an annual contract is not in effect?

One-time Contracts


What arrangement is made by the Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD) and is coordinated between the PADD, Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO), Navy Mortuary Affairs, and the funeral home?

Private Arrangements


Annual contracts and one-time contracts cover what type of expenses?

Primary expenses


What type of expenses are incurred in connection with the recovery, preparation, encasement, and burial of the remains (dressing, uniform, cosmetics, etc.)?

Primary Expenses


What type of expenses are incurred in connection with the funeral and burial of remains?

Secondary Expenses


What type of expenses are incurred when an active duty member, eligible retiree, or eligible dependent are moved?

Transportation Expenses


To minimize cellular deterioration, remains may be refrigerated below what degrees Fahrenheit prior to the transportation?

36-40 degrees Fahrenheit (2.2-4.2 degrees Celsius)


Who may be able to provide mortuary services if death occurs in an area not served by Naval facilities?

Department of State


What form is the "Certificate of Death (Overseas)"?

DD Form 2064


What form is the "Statement of Recognition"?

DD Form 565


How many signed copies of the Certificate of Death (Overseas (DD Form 2064)) must accompany the remains of the member to a CONUS point of entry from OCONUS?



How many copies of the Statement of Recognition (DD Form 565) must accompany the remains?



What is the appropriate uniform for burial?

Dress blues (if not available, dress whites)


What are the two unauthorized clothing and thus not funded?

Shoes and headgear


When placing the remains in a transfer case,the remains is wrapped in what?

-First: a white cotton sheet
-Second: polyethylene cover
-Sealed with pressure-sensitive tape or heat sealed


What are the two sizes of 18-gauge silver tone metal sealer with a cut top caskets?

-Standard= 23x78 inches
-Oversize= 25x81 inches


Who is responsible for coordinating transportation arrangements for the remains with the local Navy Personnel Transportation Office (NAVPTO) or SATO travel office?

The Decedent Affairs Officer (DAO) or designated official


Cremation will not be permitted if any member of the deceased's Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD) or SNOK object. True or False?



Commanding Officers who receive request for at-sea disposition of remains or cremations will forward the request to who?

Fleet Commander-in-Chief (CINC) and requested port of embarkation


Exceptions for at-sea disposition that cannot be resolved at the delegated authority level will be referred to who for final determination?

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)


When the mortician is unable to arrest the _____ of the remains, they will not be accepted for burial at sea because the remains will detract the dignity of the ceremony and will have a detrimental effect on the crew of the vessel.



Who are normally not allow to attend ceremonies aboard naval ships or aircrafts?



Who may remains be consigned (turned over) to?

Funeral director, director or superintendent of a national cemetery, or the consignee designated by the Navy Mortuary Affairs, PADD or someone designated by the PADD


What are the four methods of transportation within the United States?

Government air, commercial air, charted air taxi, and funeral coach


Which method of transportation is not authorized within CONUS without the Chief of Naval Operations (OP-414) approval?

Government Air


Which method of transportation required an escort with the remains and may be supplemented by either rail or funeral coach transportation?

Commercial Air


Which method of transportation may be authorized when commercial air is not available to the destination and the use of a funeral vehicle or rail would cause undue delay?

Charted Air Taxi


Which method of transportation is used to transfer remains from the place of preparation to another local funeral home, to a local cemetery, or to a common-carrier terminal?

Funeral Coach


Cremated remains of _________ _______ personnel will be hand carried by an escort, and transported using commercial air, rail, funeral director's vehicle, or other appropriate vehicle.

Active duty


When an escort is not available, the cremations may be transported by registered mail, air, or surface transportation to the PADD or an individual designated by the PADD. Which of the three is the preferred method of transportation?

Registered mail


When transporting remains of death resulting from a communicable disease, there is a gummed "2x4" label placed on the head end of the transfer case that states?



How many certified copies of the civilian certificate of death should accompany the remains outside CONUS destinations?



Only one escort is authorized. More than one may be assigned; however the two escorts may not do what at the same time?



Problems concerning arrangements of a Navy escort that cannot be resolved by the responsible command should be referred to whom? Problems with the Marine Corps?

-Navy= Navy Mortuary Affairs or the area commander OCONUS
-Marine Corps= Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC)


Remains transported by Air Mobility Command (AMC) aircrafts from OCONUS to CONUS port of entry will not be accompanied by an escort, who will act as an escort during the time of transport?

Flight Commander


To be requested as an escort of remains, what are the three criteria that must be met (recommendations are a friend of the diseased, same religion, same unit, etc.)?

Same branch of service, status, and pay grade of the deceased


The escort selected by the Person Authorized Direct Disposition (PADD) is also known as _________.

Special Escort


The representative of the Navy who will be required to perform services of a very special and personal nature is also known as __________ escort.

Naval Escort


Who is ultimately responsible for assigning an inventory board for the personal affects of a deceased member?

Commanding Officer (CO)


All personal effects of the deceased are to be collected and inventoried, except where the member occupied __________ or __________ housing and the spouse requires no assistance.

Government or Public housing


What form is the "Inventory of Personal Effects"?

NAVSUP Form 29


The board consisting of the CO and one other will send five copies of the inventory form (NAVSUP Form 29) to the _______ Officer for completion, disposition, and signature.

Supply Officer


What must be obtained if a death occurs within one of the 50 United States or District of Columbia?

Civil certificate of death


Who will report the death of a military member to civil authorities?

Commanding Officer (CO)


Who in the ship or station where the deceased was attached will obtain the certificate from the civil authorities?

Medical Officer or the Medical Department Representative (MDR)


Who has no jurisdiction over deaths occurring on naval reservations?

Civil authorities


What must be obtained from civil authorities to remove the remains from a naval reservation either for shipment or burial?

Transit or burial permit


When death occurs OCONUS, how many signed copies of DD 2064 will accompany the remains to CONUS?



When a death occurs CONUS, how many certified copies of the civil certificate of death will accompany the remains from CONUS to OCONUS?



Authorized Decedent Affairs Program expenses are chargeable to the special open allotment held by?



When the remains of eligible military personnel, whose determination of death has been made but the remains are non-recoverable, reimbursement may be allowed if presented within the approved time frame after notification of the NOK of the date of death. Who must PADD submit the receipted invoices or certified claim for reimbursement?

Navy Mortuary Affairs


To whom, must an application requesting a commercial headstone be submitted?

Veterans' Administration (VA)


What form is the "Request of Funeral and/or Interment Expenses"?

DD Form 1375


Claims relating to primary, secondary, and transportation costs within CONUS will be forwarded where?

Navy Mortuary Affairs


Who are authorized to make local payments of expenses incurred in areas under their jurisdiction OCONUS?



To whom should claims be submitted to in areas outside the jurisdiction of the area commanders?



What form is used for "Record of Preparation and Disposition of Remains (OCONUS)"?

DD Form 2062


What form is used for "Record of Preparation and Disposition of Remains (CONUS)"?

DD Form 2063


When requesting funds for services of deceased military personnel in the Navy and Marine Corps, the reports are not submitted to BUMED except when indicated in what two forms?

DD Form 2062 and DD Form 2063


When requesting funds for services of deceased military personnel other than Navy and Marine Corps, what form is used?

MED 5360-3 "Report of Disposition and Expenditures Remains of the Dead"


What form is used for "Report of Disposition and Expenditures Remains of the Dead"?

MED 5360-3


Under what jurisdiction is Arlington National Ceremony?

Department of the Army


Except for Arlington National Cemetery, national cemeteries are under the jurisdiction of the Chief Memorial Affairs Director, Department of Memorial Affairs, Veterans' Administration, Washington, D.C. True or False?



What are the three classifications of national cemeteries?

-Open (Active)= grave spaces available
-Closed (Inactive) = without graves spaces available
-New (Inactive)= planned but not yet opened


Military honors for interment in national cemeteries are the responsibility of whom?

Member's service


Honors for services at Arlington National Cemetery are coordinated by the superintendent of the cemetery with _______ or the ______.

BUMED or the CMC


National cemeteries no longer have facilities for viewing remains, so if the NOK desires one before interment, the remains must be consigned to a local _________ _________.

Funeral director


What days will interment not be made in national cemeteries?

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays


If remains cannot be individually identified, the collective remains will be interred as a group interment. What national cemetery should group interment get buried at?

Midpoint of the two widely separated homes of record of known deceased individuals involved