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Those individuals within the broader audience who are most likely to be influenced in the direction the speaker seeks

Target audience


Audience that strongly disagrees

Hostile audience


Audience members whose attitudes are critical of or conflicted with the speaker's topic

Critical and conflicted audience


An audience that already shares much agreement with the speaker

Sympathetic audience


How you want your audience to react to your message

Specific speech purpose


An audience that knows or cares little about a specific topic

Uninformed, less educated, or apathetic audience


Organize speech points to demonstrate the nature and significance of a problem then to provide justification for a proposed solution

Problem-solution pattern of arrangement


Speech points arranged in order to demonstrate problem, reasons for problem, and solution to problem

Problem-cause-solution pattern


Speech points arranged to motivate listeners to act on something or to shift their attitudes in direction of speaker's

Motivated sequence pattern of arrangement


A pattern of organizing speech points so that the speaker's viewpoint or proposal is shown to be superior to one or more alternative viewpoints or proposals

Comparative advantage pattern of arrangement


A pattern of organizing speech points in which each main point addresses and then refutes an opposing claim to the speaker's position

Refutation pattern of arrangement