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The amount of time that it takes for a change to be replicated to all domain controllers in an environment is called ________



The default ______ of any new site link is 100.



Intersite replication uses ______ corporate WAN links.



The KCC creates a(n) ________ traffic to reduce the impact to bandwidth on to allow replication to take place in the opposite direction in the event that a single domain controller in the replication topology fails.

dual counter-rotating ring


The purpose of the KCC is to create a(n) _______ between multiple domain controllers within a site as well as between sites.

replication topology


By default, all Active Directory site links are______



When Active Directory detects a replication conflict in which two objects have been modified nearly simultaneously, the first attribute that Active Directory will use as a tie-breaker is the ______

version ID


Active Directory will designate a(n) ______ within each site to manage intersite replication activity.

Bridgehead server


The minimum ________ that you can assign to a site link is 15 minutes.



Within a single site, domain controllers will use ________ to inform other DCs that intrasite replication needs to take place.

Change notification


The KCC is responsible for calculating intrasite replication partners. During this process, what is the maximum number of hops that the KCC will allow between domain controllers?



Replication that occurs between sites is called replication.



Company XYZ is a national company with locations in Detroit, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Dallas. There are two connections between Detroit and Minneapolis. The first is a T-l link and the second is a 128-Kbps link. When setting up the site links for replication, what should you do to ensure that the 128-Kbps link is used only if the T-l is unavailable?

Set a cost of 1 for the T-1 and a cost of 5 for the 128-Kbps link.


You are the administrator for a network that has several sites. There is a site link from the main headquarters to each remote site for file transfer and replication purposes. You have been asked to create five new users on the network, and several of the users need immediate access to network applications. When asked by your manager how long replication of these new accounts will take, what is your response?

Replication occurs every 180 minutes by default.


Given the scenario in question 4, how long would it take for other DCs within the headquarters site to replicate the accounts belonging to the new users?

Replication occurs within 45 seconds of the account being added.


What mechanism is used by an Active Directory domain controller to indicate that it has unreplicated changes to communicate to its replication partners?

change notification


When would you disable automatic site link bridging within Active Directory Sites and Services?

When your physical network is not fully routed


To optimise client authentication and location of resources, which kind of object should each Active Directory site contain?



Which of the following naming contexts are replicated across an entire Active Directory forest?

Configuration and Schema


When creating a site link, you can configure it to use which of the following protocols?

RPC over IP or SMTP