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Active Directory will tolerate a maximum of a 5 minute ______ between a client and the domain controller that authenticates it.

clock skew


The ________ is responsible for managing time synchronization within a domain.

PDC Emulator


You can improve login times in a site that does not contain a global catalog server by implementing _________

Universal Group membership Caching


To add or remove an application directory partition from Active Directory, the _______ needs to be accessible.

Domain Name Master


If a domain controller that holds a FSMO role fails and will not be returned to the network, you can _______ the FSMO role to another domain controller.

Role Seizure


You can add additional attributes to the_____ by modifying the Active Directory schema.

Partial attribute set (PAS)


The _______uniquely identifies an object within an Active Directory domain, but will change if an object is moved from one domain to another.

Security identifier


The __________ FSMO role should not be housed on a domain controller that has been configured as a global catalog.

Infrastructure master


You can transfer the ________FSMO from one domain controller to another using the Active Directory Domains and Trusts MMC snap-in.

Role Transfer


Membership information for a(n) ______ is stored on the global catalog

universal group


What is the Active Directory component that contains a reference to all objects within Active Directory called?

Global catalogue


Which of the following roles is a forest-wide FSMO role?

Scheme Master


To which port does the _gc SRV record listen?

TCP 3268


You are the administrator of an Active Directory forest that contains a forest root domain with three child domains. How many of each FSMO does this forest contain?

1 Domain Naming Master,
1 Schema Master,
4 PDC Emulators,
4 Infrastructure Masters,
4 RID Masters


The Schema Master FSMO for your forest will be taken offline for a few hours so that your hardware vendor can replace the motherboard of the server. To allow your clients to continue to log in, what is the minimum that you need to do?

Do nothing. Your clients will still be able to log in while the Schema master is offline


You are a member of the Domain Admins group of a child domain on an Active Directory network. You have an application that requires you to configure an application directory partition, but you find that you are unable to do so. What could be preventing you from creating an application directory partition in your domain?

You must be a member of the Schema Admins group to create an application directory partition


The RID Master FSMO distributes RIDs to domain controllers in increments of _____.



You are logging on to an Active Directory child domain from a workstation running Windows Vista Business. By default, where will this workstation look to synchronize its clock with the domain?

The PDC Emulator for the child domain.


Each object's SID consists of two components: the domain portion and the ______.

relative identifier


You can view and manage the PDC Emulator FSMO role holder using which utility?

Active Directory Users and Computers