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When was the Battle of Bosworth?

22nd August 1485


What turned the tide of Bosworth in Henry's favor?

Sir William Stanley switching sides


Why wasn't Henry secure on the throne after Bosworth?

Weak claim to throne.
Alliances based off mutual hatred of Richard III.
Defeated Richard in combat, other nobles thought they could do the same to him and get the crown.


Who were the Yorkist Nobles under Henry VII? (6)

Thomas Howard Earl of Surrey
John de la Pole Earl of Lincoln
Francis Lovell
Thomas/Humphrey Stafford
Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy


Who were the Lancastrian Nobles? (4)

Margaret Beaufort
Jasper Tudor
John de Vere Earl of Oxford
Edward Courtenay Earl of Devon


Who were Anti-Ricardian Yorkist Nobles? (6)

Elizabeth Woodville
John Morton
Thomas Grey
Marquess of Dorset
Thomas Lovell
Giles Daubeney


What happened to Richard's supporters during/after Bosworth?

Some killed in battle; John Howard and Richard Radcliffe.
Some captured; Thomas Howard (son of John).
Some Escaped; Lovells and Staffords.


Ways King Henry reinforced his rule immediately after Bosworth.

Claimed it to be his Divine Right
Insisted in a full crowning ceremony
Parliament declared Henry's reign 21st Aug 1485
Denounced Titulus Regius


How could Henry play the 'chosen by God' card after Bosworth?

Richard III said it was his divine right to rule. Henry killed him in Bosworth and said it was God's choosing.


Significance of Henry's reign starting 21st of Aug 1485

The day before Bosworth, made Richard III a usurper and his nobles traitors


What is Titulus Regius? Why remove it?

Made Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville's marriage illegitimate, so their children weren't Yorkist.
Henry VII wanted to Marry Elizabeth of York (son of Edward and Woodville) to secure his place on the throne.


When did Henry marry Elizabeth of York?

January 1486


Why did Henry VII reward his supporters? give example.

To keep them from turning on him.
Gave Jasper Tudor Duke of Bedford title in 1485


How did Henry treat the Yorkist supporters

He let them live as Nobles but restricted their power so much they couldn't revolt in theory.


what oath did the Houses of Lords and Commons swear?

To never recruit private armies


How did Henry attempt to gain support from the Northern Yorkists towns?

1486 he traveled to the midlands and northern Britain


Explain Act of Resumption 1486

King could take back all land that was granted away in 1455. Aim was to increase crown's wealth and reduce noble's.


Who were Henry's two most trusted nobles?

Jasper Tudor & John de Vere


What roles were Jasper Tudor and John de Vere assigned?

Tudor became Chief Justice and given extensive power in Wales
de Vere was prominent on Henry's council and in East Anglia.


What rumors were spread in 1486?

Earl of Warrick escaped Tower of London and fled to Channel islands.


Earl of Lincon's agents were caught what? 1486

Smuggling gold and silver out of the country to raise and army abroad.


What did F Lovell and and the Stafford Brothers do after escaping punishment?

They resided in the sanctuary of Colchester and plotted a revolt. left in April 86.
Staffords tried to raise rebellion in the Midlands and failed. Henry Stafford executed and Thomas pardoned.


What did Francis Lovell do after leaving the Sanctuary?

Tried to raise rebels in Yorkshire, failed. Stopped by Jasper Tudor, fled to Burgundy.


Who were Elizabeth of York's parents?
How is this significant?

Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville
Edward IV was previous king before Richard III.
She is a Woodville which strengthened the alliance between Tudors and Woodvilles.