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Who did Lambert Simnel impersonate?

Earl of Warwick


How long was Lambert Simnel's threat to the throne?

1 year, 1486-87


How did Henry VII deal with Simnel's threat?

Took the real Earl of Warwick out of the Tower of London and Paraded him around England.
Defeated him at Battle of Stoke, June 16th 1487.


What Nobles were involved in the Simnel rebellion? (4)

John de la Pole, Francis Lovell and Margaret of Burgundy, Earl of Kildare


What was the Margaret of Burgundy's Roles in Simnel's rebellion?

Used her money to hire 2,000 German mercenaries, met with the Irish and used some of their troops invade from the North on June 1487.


Why did the Nobles go to Ireland in 1487?

Yorkist Stronghold


What title did Simnel receive while in Ireland?

Was Crowned King of Dublin


What Earl caused problems for Henry VII by not stopping the rebels?

Earl of Northumberland; just let them pass through


Give Lambert Simnel context

He was of no royal blood
10 year old son of a joiner from Oxford
Trained by a priest to act like royalty


What miscalculations did Henry Make about Simnel's threat?

Trusted de la Pole even with the rumors of his involvement
Pole was present in Henry's council in Febuary 1487 to discuss Simnel's threat to the throne


When did Henry VII become aware of John de la Pole's involvement with Simnel?

April 1487


When did Perkin Warbeck become a threat to the throne?



Who did Warbeck claim to be?

Richard Duke of York.


Why was Warbeck's impersonation better than Simnels?

No one knows what happened to York and Henry can't just present him like Warwick.


What international support did Warbeck gain? Name them. (5)

Charles VIII, Margaret of Burgundy, Philip of Burgundy, Maximilian, Holy Roman Emperor, James IV.


Where and why did Warbeck start his rebellion?

In Ireland because it's a Yorkist stronghold.


1493-94 some people were put on trial, why?

They were agents of Burgundy who infiltrated England and tried to recruit support for Warbeck.


William Stanley and Robert Clifford's roles in the Warbeck problem

Stanley was in communication with Warbeck and Clifford exposed his communication to Henry VII. Stanley was executed.


Why was William Stanley's betrayal such a problem to Henry?

Stanley was in constant contact with the king, knew a lot.


When did Warbeck try his first invasion with how many troops?

July 1495 with 300 troops. Failed to gain support so fled to Scotland.


Why was Ireland such a problem to England?

Too hard to control from England
Very good launch point to invasions
English only controlled The Pale
Henry couldn't control Ireland so he had to let them be


Who was the most problematic Nobel in Ireland?

Earl of Kildare
didn't try to stop the Irish based invasion in 1495


How did Henry deal with Kildare's situation?

He Pardoned Kildare and asked for Bond from Kildare
K refused because Henry wasn't in a strong position


How did Ireland support Warbeck?

The invasion in 1495, again in 1497
each time Kildare didn't give him much support


How did Henry VII deal is Irish threat?

1492 Henry sent a small force to Ireland to deal with Warbeck, who fled but came back in other years


When was Warbeck captured and imprisoned?