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When was Kett's Rebellion?



Give 3 reasons for Kett's rebellion.

Rack renting
Landlord Abuse
Increased population


Name three Commonwealth men.

Earl of Somerset
Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester
John Hales, government official


What did the Commonwealth men believe in?

It was their Christian duty to look after the less fortunate.


How much did the population increase between 1525 and 1551?

2.3 million to 3 million.


How did the king try to tackle the increasing homelessness?

Vagrancy Act in 1547.
3 strike system. If you were caught homeless 3 times they kill you.


What years did England experience poor harvests?

1545 and 1549.


How did the Wool market boom impact tenants?

Landlords used their tenants land to farm sheep and benefit from this. They increased their rents as well.


What was debasement?

Melting down gold and silver coins then mixing them with less expensive metals.


Why was debasement used and what did it cause?

Used to help meet the costs of the war against France and Scotland.
It caused prices to rise as now people saw their currency as less valuable.


How did Duke of Somerset try to deal with enclosure abuse?

Introduced a tax on sheep in 1549.
Issued commissions into enclosures in 1548.
Ploughed up enclosures in the Duke of Norfolk's estates.


What was DoS's nickname?

The Good Duke.


Why weren't the Nobility prepared for Kett's rebellion?

Many gentry and nobility had been called to Windsor Castle on 1st July 1949.
Left no one to halt the rebellion before it could develop.


How was Norwich's wealth distribution an example of Landlord abuse?

6% of Norwich population owned 60% of its wealth.
This would be from Landlords abusing enclosures etc. to increase their income.


How big was Kett's rebellion at its peak?



Where did Kett and his rebels set up initially?
What was good about it?

Mousehold Heath.
On a hill overlooking Norwich, good strategic point.


What was the Kett's rebellion's main aims?

Get rid of enclosures/put rents back to H7 era.
remove corrupt landlords, priests.
Yearly democratic elections of governors.


Who was the first Noble to challenge the rebels?
How did it go?

William Parr Marquess of Northampton.
Attacked July 30th and 31st. Used Italian mercs which angered the rebels.
He failed to beat the rebels.


Who was the second Noble to challenge the rebels?
How did it go?

John Dudley Earl of Warwick.
Had an army of 12,000. August 23rd, Warwick's supplies got raided.
next day conflict, guerrilla warfare.
Warwick sieged Mousehold and caused Kett to move to Dussindale.
He beat Kett at Dussindale.


What were the Casualties of Dussindale?

3,000 rebels killed.
Kett captured.
9 rebels were hung and quartered at the Oak of Reformation as revenge.


How many articles did Kett and the rebels draw up in their demands?

29 Articles.