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What is the only other insect to rival termites in their status as the most important structural insect pest in Washington?

The carpenter ant


How are termites able to consumer wood?

They have microorganisms in their digestive tracts that convert the cellulose into food


How are termite colonies comprised?

They contain a king and queen, workers, and soldiers


What's the name for termites separation of labor duties?



Name the two common species of termites found in Washington (Extra bonus for the scientific name).

Pacific Dampwood Termite (Zootermopsis angusticollis) and the Western Subterranean Termite (Reticulitermes hesperus).


Name a third species occasionally found in Washington.

Drywood Termite (Incisitermes minor)


Name a three physical features that separate the termite from the ant.

Termites: 1. Straight antennae 2. Abdomen broadly joined at the thorax 3. Both front and hindwing are of the same size

Ants: Antennae are elbowed. The thorax and abdomen are joined by a narrow petiole. Front wings of ants are considerably larger.


What is the largest species of termite in Washington?

The Pacific Dampwood Termite. Wing forms may exceed 1 inch including the wings


What contributes to 1/3 the length of a Pacific Termite Solider?

The head and mandibles. The soldiers are 3/4 inch long.


True or False: The Pacific Dampwood Termite colony contains a worker caste.

False. There is no worker caste within the colony of the Pacific Dampwood. The nymphs of soldiers and kings perform the function of the worker. Nymphs are 1/2 inch.


Name problematic home issues that contribute to attack from the Dampwood Termites.

Wet or damp wood from soil contact. Leaky plumbing, leaky roofs or gutters, and faulty grades on porches and patios.


Are Dampwood Termites considered first or secondary WDO's?

Secondary. Problematic issues must occur for the attack to take place.