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True or False: With the possible exception of human and veterinary drugs, no other class of chemicals receives such extensive testing in the United States prior to being registered and marketed.

True. Regulation is necessary to protect the public and the environment from adverse effects.


The rules relating to general pesticide use in Washington originate from what two acts?

The Washington Pesticide Application Act of 1961 and The Washington Pesticide Control Act of 1971.


What does "FIFRA" stand for and when was it first enacted?

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, established in 1947.


What authority does FIFRA grant the EPA?

Regulation of movement, sales, use, and disposal of all pesticides.


True or False: State laws can be less restrictive than those of FIFRA.

False. It requires states to conform to federal standards or more restrictive.


What must a pesticide contain in order to be registered or offered for sale?

Labels that provide reasonable safeguards to prevent injuries and adverse effects on the environment.


What state department administers the major state regulatory laws? (This includes the certification program)

Washington State Department of Agriculture.


FIFRA requires that all pesticides be classified as ______ or ________.

General or Restricted Use.


________ use pesticides generally have lower _____ and less potential ______.

General use pesticides generally have lower toxicity and less potential hazards.


True or False: Restricted pesticides may be sold to anyone over the age of 21.

False. Restricted pesticides can only be sold to certified applicators or their authorized agent.


Some active ingredients in pesticides may be listed in both use categories depending on what three factors?

Formulation, application method, and intended use.


True or False: dealers, transporters, and applicators are all subject to penalties for violating FIFRA.



Which additional acts govern individuals involved with pesticide use in the State of Washington?

The Washington Pesticide Control Act (RCW 15.58), Washington Pesticide Application Act (RCW 17.21) and Rules Relating to General Pesticide Use (WAC 16-228).


A pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended to?

To destroy or deter plant animals or viruses (not relating to human or aminals), used as a defoliant, desiccant, or regulator, or used as a spray adjuvant (not federally mandated.


True or False: disinfectants, sanitizers, and animal repellents fall under the definition of pesticides.

True. As well as fumigants, buffering agents, and sprout inhibitors.


_____ establishes the pesticide label as a legal document.



Why will the WSDA not register high-volatile ester formulations of 2, 4-D?

Because of drift and plant damage problems.


True or False: An applicator can apply the pesticide for the intended purpose without a copy of the SLN label in their possession. (Name the section)

False. An applicator must have a copy of the label in their possession. Section 24c (Special Local Needs Registration).


Which section requires special restrictions like record keeping, safety precautions, specified rates, and limited acreage?

Section 18-Emergency exemption from registrations.


In order to qualify for Section 25(b) (Minimum-risk pesticides), what requirement must be met?

All active and inherit ingredients must be on a list of specified minimal-risk.


True or False: The WSDA requires Section 25(b) to be registered for sale and use in Washington.



Which state department monitors compliance when it comes to pesticide use?

The Washington State Department of Agriculture.


Name the Federal Agencies that have regulatory power in Washington.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), FAA (Federal Flight Administration), and the DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation).


To recertify, one must accumulate how many credit hours (WSDA-approved) for all other license holders?

40 credit hours every 5 years, not to exceed 15 in any one year.


True or False: Washington law allows for unlicensed normal individuals to perform applications under anyone who is properly licensed.

True. They must be physically present during mixing and loading.


WSDA licensed __________ must be present when pesticides are distributed.

Dealer-manager. with each outlet possessing a dealer license.


How long must records be kept on the sale of general use pesticides?

7 years, and contain the name of the purchaser, date of distribution, the amount distributed, EPA registration or brand name, crop, or where to be applied.


How much can fees be for each offense under FIFRA?

As much as $5,000 for each civil penalty. Some violations of the law may subject you to criminal penalties.


What is the maximum civil penalty imposed under Washington pesticide law?

$7,500 fine for each offense and/or denial, suspension, or revocation of a pesticide license.


WSDA administers additional rules, such as _____ ____ and the potential for _______ contamination.

Off-target drift and groundwater contamination.