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How many main groups are there in the periodic table and why are they grouped like that?

There are 8 main groups.
They are put together because they have similar chemical properties and have the same number of electrons in their outer orbit or shell.


How are the groups of the periodic table numbered?

They are numbered using Roman numerals.


What are the periods of the periodic table?

They are the horizontal rows of elements in the periodic table.


Name 2 things about the periods.

1/ There are 7 periods.
2/ They are usually labelled n=1, n=2 etc...


What are transition metals?

The block of elements in the centre of the periodic table that contain many common metals.


What is the periodic table?

It is an arrangement of elements in order of increasing atomic number.


What is another word for electron arrangement?

Electron configuration.


How do you represent how many electrons are in each orbit of the given atom?

You write the chemical name for the atom and then follow it by the number of electrons in the first orbit, the second, etc...
Ex. c=2,4


What are isotopes?

They are atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons.