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Name the 5 steps of a habitat study.

1. Mapping the habitat.
2. Recording the environmental factors.
3. Identifying the plants and animals.
4. Estimating the number and distribution of the plants and animals.
5. Writing a report.


Name 4 factors affecting the habitat.

1. Soil: pH, moisture content, type.
2. Weather factors: light intensity, rainfall, temperature, wind.
3. Physical factors: direction, height above sea level, slope.
4. Biotic factors: living factors like competition.


How can plants and animals be identified?

Using keys and books.


Name 3 methods of collecting animals.

Posters, pitfall traps, beating trays.


What is a quadrat?

A square frame used to estimate plant numbers.


What is a line transact?

A rope marked at regular intervals across a habitat. Used to investigate the distribution of organisms.