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Pain Scales

FACES: as young as 3 or 4, 6 illustrations with a number underneath.

OUCHER: 3-13 years, 6 photographs, not illustrations, scale of 0-10 along side, vertical

Poker Chip: >3-4 years; pieces of hurt, 4 red and one white chip,

Word graphic: 4-17 years; line with descriptors, child marks where his pain, nurse measures distance from 0 with a ruler,

Visual Analog-Numeric Scales: >7 years visual, > for numerical; mark on a horizontal scale of numbers or line.

Adolescent Pediatric Pain Tool: 8-17; Location on 2 illustrations, severity on a scale, list of words to describe pain


Neonatal pain scales

NIPS: face, cry, breathing, arms, legs, state of arousal. Most is 7

Riley infant pain scale: max 18; for nonverbal infants; face, movement, sleep, verbal, consolability, response to touch or movement

Pain Observation Scale for Young Children: 1-4 yrs; max score 7, Same as NIP, but adds torso

Cries for post op: cry, O2, increased vitals, face expression, sleeplessness

FLACC: 2 months - 7 years; Faces, Legs, Activity, Cry, Consolability; behavioral assessment,