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what does you Ucr stand for

Uniform crime reporting system


What does the UCR system do

UCR is designed to generate reliable crime sister sticks for use in all aspects of law-enforcement


How does the UCR work?

You using a standardized system by which police report crying and by following the uniform crime reporting manual also standard definition has been adopted for all offenses


The difference between aggregate survey and the UCR is

Number of reported offences
Number of offenses cleared of charges
Number of adults charged
Number of youth charged
Gender of individuals charged


Murder rate of 2.0 means

Two people per hundred thousand population murdered per year in Canada


Common criticisms of the UCR

There's an unknown amount of time it is not reported to the police

In a single series of criminal actions reported to the police or the most serious crime unit is included in the UCR

The overall crime totals misrepresent the crime rate in a given year

There are problems with the way the UCR records criminal incidents for some crimes


Who is responsible for the collections and reporting of crime?

Canadian Center for Justice statistics


Purpose of the victimization survey

The surveys are conducted an attempt to gain more information about the volume type and rate of crime


What is a general social survey

The random survey conducted on a 1 hundred thousand Canadians age 15 or older


What are for benefits that the victimization survey has over the UCR?

Provide an estimate of unrecorded crime
Identify why victims do not report
Impact of crime on victims
Identify the population at risk


What can the information obtained by self reporting surveys be used for?

The information can be used to measure attitudes towards the criminal offences and examine the relationship between crime in certain social variables such as family relations income and educational achievement


Who are most self reporting surveys focused on?

Most self reporting surveys are focused on youth and drug offenders


Three categories of crime?

Violent crime: crimes that involve physical force or threat of physical force
attempted murder
Sexual assault
Other sexual offenses

Property crime: unlawful actionswith the entrance to game propertydo not involve the use of threat of violence

Possession of stolen goods
Breaking entering

Other crime: every other criminal act that does not fit into the violent or property crime category


What is the most common violent crime. The lease common

Most common : asSalt level one
Least common; homicide


Serious property crime?

Breaking entering


Who moves often commit violent crimes

Mills and young adults


What is the most common location of violent crime?

Commercial establishment


Who has a higher rate of personal theft male or female?



Most common reasons people do not report crime

Best deal with outside the criminal justice system
Too minor
A crime that the police could do nothing about
Retribution or did not want to be a rat


What is the limitations of the victimization study

The limitations are under reporting and response bias