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The flow performance of production string depends on the .....

Geometries of the production string and properties of fluids being produced.


What are the fluids in oil wells?

oil, water, gas, and sand.


Wellbore performance analysis involves establishing a relationship between...

tubular size, wellhead and bottom hole pressure, fluid properties, and fluid production rate.


T/F Producing oil through tubing is a better option in most cases to take the advantage of gas-lift effect.



___ exists in an oil well only when the wellhead pressure is above the bubble-point pressure of the oil, which is usually not a reality.

Single-Phase Liquid Flow


Bubble, slug, churn, and annular flow

Flow regimes


___ occur as a progression with increasing gas flow rate for a given liquid flow rate.

Flow regimes


In ___, gas phase is disperse in the form of small bubbles in a continuous liquid phase.

Bubble Flow


In ___, gas bubbles coalesce into larger bubbles that eventually fill the entire pipe cross-section. Between the large bubbles are slubs of liquid that contain smaller bubbles of entrained gas.

Slug Flow


In __, the larger gas bubbles become unstable and collapse, resulting in a highly turbulent flow pattern with both phases dispersed.

Churn Flow


In ___, gas becomes the continuous phase, with liquid flowing in an annulus, coating the surface of the pipe and with droplets entrained in the gas phase.

Annular Flow


In multiphase flow, the amount of pipe occulpied by a phase is often different from its proportion of the total volumetric flow rate. This is due to the density difference between phases. The density difference causes the dense phase to slip down in an upward flow (lighter phase will move faster than denser phase) b/c of this, the in situ volume fraction of the denser phase will be greater than the in[ut volume fraction. This is called..

Liquid Hold Up