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What is a primary function of a helmet?

To protect the head from impact.


What are some functions of a protective coat and trousers?

Protect the trunk and limbs from burns, corrosive liquids, and cuts and abrasions.


What protects the face and lungs from toxic smoke and products of combustion?

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, SCBA


Firefighters who wear prescription safety eyeglasses should select frames and lenses that meet ____ for severe exposure to impact and heat.

ANSI Z87.1


Intercom/ear protection systems provide a duel benefit because of their ability to reduce the amount of amount of noise the ear is exposed to and ____.

Allow the crew to communicate or monitor the radio.


Which standard requires turnout coats to be made of an outer shell, moisture barrier, and thermal barrier?

NFPA 1971


Which of the following statements about foot protection is least accurate?
A) Foot protection must fit well.
B) Saftey boots provide good ankle support.
C) Saftey shoes are not necessary for station wear.
D) Foot protection protects from hot embers, nails, broken glass, and other sharp objects.



Which of the following statements about wildland personal protective clothing is most accurate?
A) Clothing should not be made of cotton.
B) Goggles with coated lenses should be worn.
C) Hard hats or helmets with chin straps must be worn for head protection.
D) Boots should be at least 12 inches (300 mm) high to prevent the lower leg from burns, snakebites, and cuts and abrasions.