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Explain the strategic importance of recruiting and retaining talented employees

When done effectively, recruiting and retaining employees can improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and improve competitiveness. Effective recruiting efforts are consistent with the needs of employers and employees alike



involves searching for and obtaining qualified applicants to consider when filling job openings



includes all of an employer's activities to encourage qualified and productive employees to continue working for the organization


How are recruiting and retention activities shaped by other aspects of the HRM system and the environment within an integrated HRM system

In a fully integrated, strategically aligned system for managing human resources, recruiting activities are developed to help managers implement business plans and adapt to changing economic conditions. Job analysis and competency modeling provide guidance by identifying the types of employees needed. Numerous other HR activities also influence recruiting and retention by establishing the employer's reputation as a great - or an awful - place to work


Describe the roles and responsibilities of the HR Triad in recruiting and retaining employees

Recruiting can involve everyone in an organization. HR professionals usually take the lead in designing a systematic and integrated approach to retaining and recruiting employees. Line managers can help promote the company and make it attractive to employees, or they can be the cause of high turnover. A company's current employees may be involved directly in recruiting applicants - for example when they encourage family and friends to apply.


Specify several recruiting methods and sources

internal job market; external labor market


internal job market

a company's current employees


external labor market

includes potential applicants who don't currently work for the organization


job postings

display current job openings to all employees in an organization


talent inventory

a database that contains information about the pool of current employees


employee referrals

occur when current employees inform their acquaintances about opening and encourage them to apply


job fair

several employers are usually present to provide information about employment opportunities at their companies


contingent workers

People hired with no implicit or explicit contract for long-term employment, including "free agents", independent contractors, and temporary workers


Explain how metrics can used to manage the talent supply chain

Metrics can be used to monitor recruiting activities, diagnose problems, and determine appropriate actions.


Describe recruiting from the applicant's perspective

Events that occur during recruitment could determine whether an applicant accepts or rejects an employment offer. Recruiting activities should create positive experiences for all applicants. To effectively attract and retain potentially qualified candidates, employers need to understand the behaviors and preferences of a diverse workforce. Building a positive corporate reputation by making it easy for applicants to apply, creating a good personal impression, giving applicants the information they need, and showing respect when rejecting applicants are all appreciated by applicants who are not offered employment. Applicants also respond to the behaviors of recruiters and perceptions of how well they would fit the job.


Discuss some ethical issues associated with recruiting

Hiring managers may be tempted to make a job seem better than it really is in an effort to convince applicant to accept an offer. However, being dishonest is unethical and likely to backfire. Ethical managers provide realistic job previews, consider applicants fully and fairly, and respect applicants' need for timely information when they've been rejected


realistic job preview

occurs when the organization is careful to describe both the positive and negative aspects of a job and the organization


affirmative action program (AAPs)

programs intended to reduce employment discrimination or to correct underutilization of qualified members of protected groups in an organization's relevant labor market


Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCPO)

which is the agency responsible for overseeing the employment practices of federal contractors and enforcing relevant federal regulations


consent decree

a legally enforced court ruling that specifies the affirmative action steps an organization must take to remedy the effects of past discrimination


Explain how retention influences recruiting needs

Retaining employees is a good way to reduce the need for extensive recruiting and its associated costs. To retain top-performing employees, employers must first understand what's important to them. Employers can also avoid layoffs, which damage the organization's reputation and make future recruiting activities more difficult


Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act of 1988 (WARN)

employers are required to provide workers with 60 days' notice of a plant or office closing


What are two current issues in recruiting and retaining qualified employees

Two current issues in recruiting and retaining qualified employees are establishing employee value propositions to appeal to a diverse pool of applicants and recruiting and retaining older workers


EEO-1 report

gives an accounting of the composition of the workforce according to job family (10 categories), sex (two categories) and race/ethnicity (nine categories)


employee value proposition

a statement that answers the following question: What's in it for me? If I take a job at a particular company, what will I get in return for the skills I bring to the company and the effort I put into doing my job


Utilization analysis

determines the number of minorities and women employed (utilized) in each type of job in the organization


Availability analysis

measures how many minorities and women are available to work in the relevant labor market of an organization


Goals and Timetables

specify how the organization plans to correct any underutilization of protected groups