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which primary teeth have crowns that are wider mesiodistally than they are long inciso or occlusocervically?

maxillary central incisor, maxillary and mandibular 1st molar


which primary molar most resembles a permanent maxillary right 1st molar?

tooth A


which teeth (primary or secondary ) have the mesial proximal contact positioned more cervically than the distal proximal contact?

mandibular 1st premolar and maxillary canine


which teeth (primary or secondary) have the mesial cusp ridge of the facial cusp longer than the distal cusp ridge of the facial cusp?

maxillary 1st premolar, primary maxillary canine


traits of primary teeth

thinner and longer roots
larger pulps
knife edged roots
wide roots
large cervical bulge


traits of primary mandibular first molar?

prominent cervical bulge
prominent mesial marginal ridge
prominent transverse ridge