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display your credentials to potential employers


cover letters

should accompany your resume or vita. Expresses how you meet the skills needed for the job based on the job description listed.



Every job you have ever had


what should be on a resume

Contact information
Occupational Objective Statement
Computer Literacy Skills
Professional Profile
Work Experience
Education and Certifications
Scholarship and Research
Professional Memberships
Professional Service
Grants, Honors, Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships
Community Service and Volunteer Work
Statement of Health Philosophy
Professional References


Quick tips for evaluating credible articles and research on the internet and beyond

Consider the source
Identify why it was posted
Consider when it was posted
Compare the information to other sources
Consider if there is propaganda or bias
Use good, common sense


peer-reviewed journal articles

Excellent sources because a panel of professionals examined the accuracy and professionalism of the research before it was published.


health educational practice

Health education profession’s main goal is to support health and avoid disease, disability, and death through health prevention, promotion, literacy, protection, access to health services, maintenance, and enhancement of health for all peoples globally.