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Who were the sans-culottes?

Members of the Paris Commune who wore long pants to identify with common people


What was the principle of intervention

The right of powerful nations to maintain order throughout Europe


Who was Maximilien Robespierre?

The leader of the Committee of Public Safety who enforced policies of the reign of terror


What was the Continental System

Napoleon’s plan to weaken the British Economy


Who were the burgeoisie

1.)middle class
2.)included professionals
3.)still were not wealthy


What is a coup d’etat

A sudden overthrow of the government


Who was Klemens von Metternich

A post revolutionary who advocated restoring the monarchy throughout Europe


What was the Bastille

The prison that was attacked on the outset of the French Revolution


What is Liberalism

The belief that people should be free from government restraint


What is nationalism

The unique cultural identity of a people


What was the goal set forth at peace talks after Napoleon’s defeat? Where did these talks take place? Which countries were present?

1.)restoring European monarchs that were previously in power
2.)Congress of Vienna
3.) Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia


Why was the French Revolution radicalized

There became a threat of foreign intervention to restore Louis XVI as the leader of France


What are three reasons for the rebellions of 1789 by the French peasants

1.)high taxes
2.)high cost of food
3.)political inequality


What are two issues that triggered the French Revolution

1.)bad harvests
2.)slumps in manufacturing


What caused Louis XVI to accept the National Assembly’s decrees

Thousands of armed Parisians descended on the palace


Why did the status of the Catholic Church drastically change under the Civil Constitution of the Clergy

The church was no longer its own entity, but rather now being controlled by the state


What is one reason Napoleon’s new bureaucracy was different

Promotions within it were based on ability rather than rank or birth


Why was the military being needed to enforce the authority of the Directory

The Directory was not being able to effectively govern its citizens after the Reign of Terror


Why could Napoleon’s Grand Empire not continue to hold its self up

The strain placed on it by Napoleon’s many wars caused France to become a war hungry country that could not continue to fight at the pace Napoleon had set forth


What did the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen do

Proclaimed an end to aristocratic privileges by promoting the lower classes in a way previously unseen in France before