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Involves evaluations of self-worth.


High Self Esteem

Likely to think well of others
Expect to be accepted by others
Evaluate their own performances more favorable
Perform well when being watched, not afraid of others
Work harder for People who demand high standards of performance
Inclined to feel comfortable with others they view as superior in some way
Able to defend themselves against negative comments of others.


Low self-esteem

Likely to disapprove of others
Expect to be rejected by others
Evaluate their own performances less favorably
Perform poorly when being watched
Work harder of undemanding people
Feel threatened by people they view as superior
Difficulty defending themselves


Reflected Appraisal:

The fact that each of us develops a self-concept that reflects the way we believe others see us.


Social Comparison:

Evaluating ourselves in terms of how we compare with others


Cognitive Conservation:

The tendency to seek and attend to information that conforms to an existing self-concept


Self-fulfilling prophecy

Occurs when a person's expectation of an event, and his or her subsequent behavior based on those expectations, make the even more likely to occur than would otherwise.

1. Holding an expectation
2. Behaving in accordance with that expectation
3. The Expectation coming to pass
4. Reinforcing the original expectation



The relatively stable set of perceptions you hold of yourself.