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What are the 4 natures of data?

Secondary, primary, internal, external


What is the difference between internal and external data?

Internal is info origniating within the company


What are some advantages of secondary data?

Clarify problem, may provide solution, may provide primary research alternatives, may alert researcher of potential problems, may provide background info and build credibility, may provide sample frame


What are some limitations of secondary data?

Lack of availability, lack of relevance, insufficiency and timliness


What is a collection of related information developed from data within the organization?

internal database


What is the fastest growing use of internal databases?

database marketing


What does database marketing rely on?

creation of a large computerizedfile of customers' and potention customers' profilesand purchase patterns to create a targeted marketing mix


What is micromarketing?

Database marketing that can get a customized, individual message simultaneously via direct mail


What are 2 advantages to creating a database from a website?

customer's link to an online store is a two-way electronic link and allows online merchant to gather info about the customer


What is a text file placed on user's computer to identify the user when there is a return visit to web site?



What is a nerual network?

A computer program that mimics the processes of the human brain and thus is capable of learning from examples to find patterns in data


What is the use of statistical and other advanced software to discover nonobvious patterns hidden in a database

Data Mining


What are 4 potential uses of data mining in marketing?

Customer acqusition, customer retention, customer abandonment, market basket analysis


What is the use of online and offline data to understand a consumer's habits, demographics, and social networks in order to increase the effectiveness of online advetising?

Behavioral targeting


What are 4 battles over privacy?

Privacy policies will be mandatory, clear choice to "opt in or out", ability to collect sensitive info, penalities for noncompliance


What aret some ways ways to find secondary research on the internet?

Search engines, sites of interest to marketers, periodical newspaper and book databases, newsgorups


What are some federal laws passed to protect consumers from indentity theft?

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA, Fair Credit Reportnig Act, Children's Online privacy protection act


What is a company that acquires, catalogs, reformats, segments, and resells reports already published by marketing firms?

Marketing research aggregator


What are some companies that offer databases?

Claritas International, InfoUSA


What is information management?

System for capturing, processing, and storing data so it can be found and retrieved when needed for decision making


What is a Geographic information system include?

A demographic database, digitized maps, and software that enables users to add corporate data to the mix


What a system that supports the needs and styles of individual decision makers?

Decision support systems


What are 4 characteristics of a decision support system?

Interactive, flexible, easy to learn and use, and discover-oriented


What is qualitative research?

Findings not subject to quantification. To examine attitudes, feelings, and motivations


What is quantitative research?

Results subject to quantification. To find statistically significant differences


Why is qualitative research popular?

Less expensive, ability to better understanding motivations, improved efficiency, often used w/ quantitative research


What type of research is used for each: qualitative and quantitative research

Qualitative= exploratory_Quantitative=Descriptive,causal


What are some limitations of qualitative research?

Doesn't identify small differences in marketing mix, not representing large population, small samples, inability to validate and replicate research


What is a focus group defined?

A group of 8-12 participants who are led by a moderator in an in-depth discussion on one particular topic or concept


What is the goal of focus groups?

To learn and understand what people have to say about topic of interest?