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Quotes for macbeth?

' for brave macbeth , well he deserves that name'

' will all great neptunes ocean wash the blood / clean from my hand'


Quotes for Macbeths development?

' i grant him bloody, luxurious , avaricious , false , deceitful/ sudden , malicious , smacking of every sin' malcolm on macbeth

' i have almost forgot the taste of fears" macbeth


Lady macbeth quotes ?

' unsex me here'

' nothing but males' macbeth


Quotes for lady Macbeths development?

' things without remedy / should be without regard'

' why do you make such faces ? When alls done / you look but on a stool '

' all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand '


Quotes for banquo?

' to win us to our harm/ the instruments of darkness tell us truths'

' i fear / thou playdst mot foully for it'


Quotes for macduff?

'Let us rather/ hold fast the mortal sword, and like good mem /bestride pur downfall birthdom'

'All my pretty ones/ did you say all? O hell kite - all?'

' turn , hell hound , turn'


Quotes for king duncan and malcolm ?

'The royal father/ was a most sainted king' macduff to Malcolm about duncan

' macbeth / is ripe for shaking , and the powers above / put on their instruments'


Quotes for the witches?

' when shall we three meet again / in thunder, lightning or in rain'

' that lies like truth'