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Power and corruption quotes?

' those honours deep and broad , wherewith / your majesty loads pur house '

' you show degrees , sit down ourself will mingle with society'

' you sent out more horses, skirr the country road;/ hang those that talk of fear'


Quotes for religion and the supernatural?

' the supernatural soliciting / cannot be ill ; cannot be good'

' i had most need of blessing , and amen / stuck in my throat'

' more meeds she the divine than the physician ' doctor on l.macbeth


Quotes for temptation and manipulatipn?

' all hail , macbeth! That shalt be the king hereafter '

' great glamis , worthy cawdor' l. Macbeth to macbeth


Quotes for duty and betrayal?

' what he hath lost, noble macbeth hath won' duncan

' he is so valiant / and his commendations i am fed/ it is as banquet to me'duncan on macbeth

' this tyrant , whose sole name blisters our tongues / was once thought honest'


Quotes for guilt an madness?

' how ist with me when every noise appals me'

' heres the smell of blood still'

' cleanse the stuffd bosom of that perilous stuff/ whoch weighs upon the heart'


Quotes for secrets and lies?

'Glamis , and thane cawdor !/ the greatest is behind'

' look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it'

'False face must hides the false heart doth know'