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What is an Exothermic reaction?

What is an Endothermic reaction?

An Exothermic reaction is when heat energy is released to the surroundings. (Gets HOT)

An Endothermic reaction is when heat is absorbed from the surroundings (Gets COLD)

Exo = Exit = Heat Exit


What are two examples of reactions which give out energy?

Combustion and respiration are reactions which give out energy


What is ∆H? (Delta H, something to do with energy)

∆H (Delta H) is the Energy Change involved in a reaction

∆H = energy of products - reactants


What is the equation used to calculate ∆H (Delta H, Energy Change)

The equation used to calculate ∆H is:

∆H = energy of products - reactants


What is ∆H for endothermic reactions?
What is ∆H for Exothermic reactions?

For Endothermic reactions ∆H is positive (The reaction gets cold but it takes in heat)

For Exothermic Reactions ∆H is negative (The reaction gets warm but it gives out heat)