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What is phytomining?

Phytomining is using plants to extract copper from low grade ores (rocks with a low % of metal)

Copper ions go up roots and become part of the plant. The plant is then burnt and Copper Oxide is left over

This copper oxide is then reacted with sulphuric acid producing Copper Sulphate

Scrap Iron then displaces the metal and created Copper and Iron Sulphate


What are the processes of phytomining?

Copper oxide goes up roots of plant

Plant is burnt to leave Copper oxide

Copper oxide is reacted with sulphuric acid to produce Copper sulphate

Scrap iron displaces the metal and creates Copper and Iron sulphate


What is a metal ore?

A metal ore is a rock that contains metal that is economic to extract. There is more profit from the metal than the cost of extraction


What is electrolysis?

The process of extracting copper using positively charged and negatively charged electrodes (rods).

At the negative electrode, the positive copper ions are attracted and GAIN electrons to make copper metal Atoms. They are deducted

At the positive electrode, the copper atoms LOSE electrons to produce Copper Ions. They are oxidised


What is Oxidation?
What is reduction?

Oxidation Is Loss

Reduction Is Gain



What is bioleaching?

Bioleaching is using bacteria to extract copper metals from ores by breaking copper-sulphur bonds.

It is a very slow process so not often used