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Which is a stronger bond? Inter or intramolecular bonds?

Intramolecular bonds are stronger.


What is the difference between inter and intramolecular bonds?

Intramolecular means bonds within a molecule
Intermolecular means bonds between molecules


What are the three types of intermolecular bonds? From weeks to strongest?

Dispersion- no charge separation
Dipole- partial charge separation
Ionic- complete charge separation


Molecules that interact through dispersion bonds tend to be?

Gases/ low boiling point liquids


Molecules that interact through dipole bonds tend to be?

Liquids/ low melting point solids


Molecules that interact through ionic bonds tend to be?

Solid at room temperature


Induced dipole moment

The tiny moment in time (10 to the -15 seconds) when one side of a molecule is more negative than the other.


What can happen between two molecules during a induces dipole moment?

The molecule with the polarized charges can cause other molecules to become polarized and they bond at the points where their opposite poles interact.