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What stages can child development be classified into?

Preschool (0-5 years old)

Primary school/mixed dentition years



When should the first oral exam be done?

12 months old


What is the average weight a 1 year old?



What is the average weight of a 6 year old?



What are the 3 stages to Piaget's Theory of Development?

Sensorimotor stage
Preoperational stage
Concrete operational
Formal operational


When does each stage occur and what develops at each stage?

Sensorimotor Stage (birth-2years)
-Learn via taste, touch, sight, sound, manipulation
-Object permanence
-Causality (cause and effect)
-Symbolic play

Preoperational (2 - 4 years)
-Some intuitive thought
-Intelligence based on centration (tendency to focus on one factor without considering the whole)
-Language and make believe play develop
-Between 4-7 develop intuitive thought (more complex thoughts and images, reading and writing skills, greater vocab, longer attention span, control over impulses, tolerance of separation from parents)

Concrete operational (7-11)
-Basic logic
-Questioning self-perceptions
-Growth in mental capacity

Formal operational (11-15)
-Highest level of intellectual development
-Abstract thinking
-Rebellion, discontent with real vs possible


At what age should a child be able to walk, talk toilet trained?

Walk: 1 - 1.5 years
Talk: 2 years
Toilet training: 4 years


What is Erikson's psychosocial theory?

-Children learn to socialise in predetermined order of stages
-Each stage characterised by initiative vs guilt
-Successful completion of each stage results in healthy personality and successful interaction

(lecture 03 Feb 19th but don't need to know)


What are the possible different personality types in children?

-Easy temperament: generally cooperative with all treatment visits

-Slow to warm: shy temperament, may need time to adjust, respond best to warm, calm, sensitive approach

-Difficult temperament: respond best to structure delivered in confident manner (e.g. voice control)


What scale is used to rate a child's cooperation level?

Frankl scale (1-4 from least to most co-operatively) or Wright scale (from -- to ++)


When should the first set of b/w's be taken? (age)

4-5 years old, or once contacts have closed


How frequently shoudl B/W's be taken?

High risk: 6-12 months
Low risk: 12- 24 months (mixed); 18-36 months (perm)


What factors should be taken into account when treatment planning?

-Co-operative ability
-Age, growth, development
-Disease control
-Caries risk
-Time to exfoliation
-Family history, genetic disposition
-Environmental causes
-Abnormal dental development

-TMT sequence, Which quadrant to start
-Parent present?
-Need for premedication (RA)
LA block vs infiltration
-Life expectancy
-Caries risk