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What is health promotion?

Any activity designed to nhance health or prevent disease


What are the theories of health promotion?

Educational: Allows people to make informed decisions about  health

Socioeconomic: Makes healthy choice the easy choice, national policies (think this is probably in  reference to things like sugar tax)

Psychological: Activities start from an individual attitude and readiness to change


What is the definition of health promotion?

an overarching principle/activity which enhances health and includes disease prevention, health education and health protection. It may be planned or opportunistic.


Enhances and protects health, prevents disease and educates people about health.


What is health education?

Health education-an activity involving communication with individuals or groups aimed at changing knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour in a direction which is conducive to improvements in health.


What is meant by health protection?

Health protection-involves collective activities directed at factors which are beyond the control of the individual. Health protection activities tend to be regulations or policies, or voluntary codes of practice aimed at the prevention of ill health or the positive enhancement of well-being.


What are the benefits of empowerment?

An ability to resist social pressure.

An ability to utilise effective coping strategies when faced by an unhealthy environment.

A heightened consciousness of action.


What is the cycle of change?


What are examples of health care promotion?

In primary care?

In the government?

Primary care:  

Planned – Posters, Chronic disease clinics, vaccinations, QOF

Opportunistic – Advice within surgery, smoking, diet, taking BP



Legislation –   Legal age limits, Smoking ban, Health and safety, Clean air act, Highway code

Economic – Tax on cigarettes and alcohol

Education – HEBS (ask students to recall adverts they’ve seen)


What is meant by secondary prevention?

Detection of a disease at an early (preclinical) stage in order to cure, prevent, or lessen symptomatology”


What is Wilson's criteria for screening?



Illness – important, natural history understood, pre-symptomatic stage

Test – easy, acceptable, cost effective,case finding should be continuous, not a 'once and for all' project. sensitive and specific

Treatment – acceptable, available, cost effective, better if early


How much exercise should teenagers get?

NHS Guidelines for teens suggest at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily for teenagers.


How much sleep should teenagers get?

8 to 10 hours


What acts help protect children?

◼National Guidance for Child Protection SCOTLAND 2010

◼RCGP – Safeguarding Children