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What kind of things are included in realistic medicine?

●Build a personalised approach to care

●Change our style to shared decision-making

●Reduce unnecessary variation in practice and outcomes

●Reduce harm and waste

●Manage risk better

●Become improvers and innovators


What conditions do we most commonly see overdiagnoisis?

Prostate and thyroid cancers 


chronic kidney disease,

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


What is the consequence of over diagnosis?

Medical, social and economic consequences follow


What are the consequences of reducing diagnostic hypertension blood pressure?

Lots of 'healthy' individuals become patients

Exposed to drug induced problems such as kidney injury relating to Ace Inhibitor or diuretic use

Ankle swelling or flushing assocaited with calcium channel blocker use

Bradycardia, lethargy or erectile dysfunction assocaited with beta blockers

Change in insurance and mortgages

Now have contraindictations to some drugs such as NSAIDs

Worry of being at a higher risk of stroke


Give an example of a quality monitoring group

Scottish Intensive Care Society Audit Group