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What is the population of India and China?

China - 1.3 billion! India - 1.2 billion!


What is a key date in China's history? What happened?

1949 Communist Revolution


What is a key date in India's history? What happened?

1947 Independence from Britain


Name some facts about the political and economic history of China...

- Early centre for civilisation. - Dominant global power for 2000 yrs. - Declined in 19thC - hastened by Japanese invasion and European interference. - Manufacturing impressed the Europeans with it's complexity and sophistication. - 1985 - 33% global manufacturing production was Chinese.


Name some facts about the political and economic history of India...

- Early centre of civilisation. - Fell under influence of European colonial power in 18thC. - 19thC direct colonial rule by Britain. - 19thC responsible for 15% global manufacturing. - Independence struggle began in 20thC.


What was China's path to development? (3 factors)

- State-led industrialisation and intensification of agriculture. - Largely cut off from rest of the world (1949-1980). - Increasing economic reform and liberalisation since 1980 - led to manufacturing, trade and foreign investment.


What was India's path to development? (3 factors)

- Policy of economic and political independence and home-grown technology. - High import tariffs gradually lowered after 1990. - Still predominately rural society. built increasingly powerful and global economy.


What are China's relations with other superpowers like?

- Uneasy! Sometimes hostile with former USSR, USA and Russia.

- Relations with USA thawed in early 1970's as USA sought to prevent communist alliance between China and USSR.

- Recent years -> China sought economic and political stability in Asia.


What are India's relations with other superpowers like?

- Following independence, India = neutral, steering pathway between USSR and USA.

- Neither superpower was happy with the policy.

- India worked hard to establish good relationships with other neutral countries to enhance international role.


What are the drivers of China's growth? (4 points)

- 70% of their FDI goes toward the manufacturing industry -> 40,000 firms invested in 2003.

- Rapidly expanding car industry (eg. Dongfeng).

- Innovative -> 2005 Chinese companies started to seek access to western markets.

- Joint ventures - Audi and Toyota built old models for Chinese market.


What are the current problems in China? (5 points)

 -  Huge demand for energy - 2 new coal power stations built every 10 days.

 - Water - North China = dry, South = wet.

 - Aging population - due to One Child Policy.

 - Economy and global recession - 20 milion jobs lost in China alone.

 - Risk of revolution due to Commuist rule.


What are the current problems in India?

- Infrastructure less developed than China.

- Threat of terrorism.