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Reflects 4 strands of influence

• Ancient indigenous
o Triple world
o Spirits
• Confucianism
o Proper behavior
• Daoism
o The dao
o Natural way of life
• Buddhism
o Karma and rebirth



o Developed in the middle of chaos
o Balance is good
o Imbalance is evil


What is the “Yellow Springs”?

• mythological Chinese realm of the dead
• dark and vaguely defined realm
• located beneath the earth, but it was not until the Han Dynasty that the Chinese had a clearly articulated conception of an underworld below in contrast with a heavenly realm above


How do the Chinese honour the dead?

• Shooting of the gun constantly
• Tons of the family come to the grave to pay respect
o Cheerful
o Renewal of life
• Music
• Funeral parades


What is the relationship between gods, ghosts, and ancestors?

• Gods are yang phenomena
o Worshipped by general community
o Offered fruit or packages food
• Ghosts are yin phenomena
o Can become harmful if the body or spirit is not properly burried or cared for
o Offerings can be left outside to deter the ghosts
• Ancestor are yang phenomena
o Venerated by their individual families
o Can be worshiped as an ancestor spirit by the family and feared as a ghost by others
o Offered cooked food with condiments


Hun [yang] soul

o Chi [breath/cosmic energy]
o Up to the Heaven
• Soul goes here and becomes ancestor or diety
o Ancestor spirit tablet
• The ones in Mulan
• Some families have mini temples for all the tablets


P'o [yin] soul

o Nourished by food
• Physical body
o Down to the earth
• Grave and ghosts


How does philosophical Daoism view death?

• Heaven -Court of the celestial Jade Emperor
• Hell - 10 kings of hell
o Judge the souls based on souls from this life
o They send to punishment or heaven
• Isles of the Blessed - paradises of the immortals
o Related to the practices of Daoism
o Thought to be island mountains in the East China Sea
• People can be promoted to Heaven through priest
• Dao de Jun [The way and its power]
o Associated with the nature and source of all things called Dao
o Harmony with the Dao


What was involved in the ancient Chinese search for immortality?

• Search for balance of ying and yang
• Actionless Action
o Going with the grain of things
• Inner Alchemy
o Immortal body through practices of the mind and breath


What is involved in the “attack on hell” in a Daoist funeral?



How do the Chinese show their concern for the dead?

• Oragami to be comfortable
• 20 years later
o Second burial
• Spirit money and old clothing is sent do the dead has stuff to wear and spend


The Dao

• Way, path or road
• Source and order of the universe which manifest in all things
• Dao is the natural way of things
• More mystically as the ineffable source that shoes itself in nature