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Translation of "Islam" word

- one who commits and surrenders oneself to God
- Must be careful with translation because surrender often corresponds with a negative connotation ie. the enemy surrenders to the victor
- Islam is not one of this – surrender is in the context of peace


Meaning of "Islam" word

Means the functioning of all function of the universe
• phrase implies that every act and event in the universe is in someway encompassed by God’s will
o According to Islamic tradition, every stone and every leaf etc. submits to God because God is the will of everything


3 main areas of Islamic thought

1. Unity of God - Expressed in the shahadah – there is no God but THE God, the ONE God → Mohammed rasual Allah – Mohammed is the Messenger of God
2. Prophecy - Mohammed is considered by Muslins to be the last of the prophets
3. Eschatology - The knowledge of study of the end times


How do you become Muslim?

One repeats in front of shahada


Where was prophet Mohammed born?

Mecca, Saudi Arabia around 570 CE


What was Mecca?

- Mecca was a town in a dry sandy desert valley because it had a miraculous origin of water
- Mecca was an oasis in the desert – natural stopping place for all carabans - Hub of trading centre and religious festival


The Ka’aba

– man made shrine


What does Allah mean?

Arabic word meaning God
- refers to the high God
- God is so high, worship is focuses on local God’s and Godesses (they called them the sons and daughters of Allah) because Allah was too far away


Characteristics of nomadic society

• Person always carried their personal honours, generosity, tribal loyalty, identity, hospitality and for creative expression, the only things that is always with you is your voice/breath/song/poetry/storytelling


Coron language

- beauty of language
- No human being could compose such beauty without coming from a divine source


Wealth in Mecca?

Created big divisions between the rich and the poor


Month of Ramada & Islamic Literature

– Mohammed spends in caves – overwhelming visitation by angel Gabriel
Islamic Literature – very intense moments, profound leaving Mohammed trembling and shaking


What did Prophet Mohammed Preach?

- Worship & submission to the will of the one God, generosity to poor of society, a day of punishment & reward : judgement (eternal paradise vs. firey hell)



– the soul, the inner self of the person



the Divine Spirit, the life-breath of God that animates the person


Cosmology in Islam: the Macrocosm

• Outer world - Visible world of clay, and darkness, world of matter
• The core is the invisible world of light – the realm of the angels
• Worlds in between are the world of imaginable beings – neither fully dark nor fully light. One group is called the Jinn’s (said to be made out of fire – half way between materiality and light)
• Jinn are like images in a dream – you can see but you can touch
• Imaginal – do not belong to external world nor to the light world – soul after death is considered in this imaginal way



something that can appear in any kind of shape or form – like the Jinn. Something which appears in form that shows its meaning – like a dream tiger might show the meaning of power or a dream monster might show the meaning of anger or fear
o Idea of that which takes different shapes and that shape shows the meaning



human beings - composed of material body and at the core, the divine light of God


What is the meeting place of body and spirit?

The soul - soul represents the qualities the person has developed – the body is not where we are different (there we are exactly the same – made of flesh, blood, bones) so we differ in our souls
o Each person is a unique arrangement of divine qualities therefore it is the meeting place of spirit and body – sort of imaginal – not fully material but not fully divine spirit



divine spirit, breath of God – same in all people



the personality/character of a person that shows how much or how little they have developed the divine qualities that are perfect in God



everyone made of the same material


Islam Burial

put in hole in bag without coffin, place wood over the body, filled with dirt



The state where the soul exists after death and before resurreciton - word means Literally boundary or barrier between death and resurrection – sometimes translated as the “interworld”


First night in grave

person is questioned by 2 angels (Munkar & Nakir) – very scary beings but this also depends on your state of virtue
o Questions asked relate to the foundations of Islam – who is your lord, who is your God, who is your prophet
• According to your answers, grave becomes a very pleasant or horrible place whilst waiting for resurrection


On day of Judgement

day secret things are rendered public, day one will have no refuge from God
• Questions God asks the resurrected: 191 textbook


On day of Judgement - people divided into 3 groups

• Those who do not have a single good deed to confess – straight to hell
• Those who do not have a single bad deed to confess – straight to heaven
• Those who have a bit of both


3 places you will think of no one but yourself

the Scales, the Assessment of Scrolls, The Traverse (the bridge over hell – sharper than a sword and thinner than a hair – whoever disobeys his Lord shall slip and go to perdition)


Last stage of death

allocation of resurrected souls
- Gardens of Paradise
• Delicious food and drinks, most beautiful and pleasant environment –
- Fires of Hell – lack light where light is taken from fire but heat remains



goal is not heaven or hell but rather union with God