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It is applicable to the different levels of the community health nurses clientele: individual, families, groups or aggregates and communities

General System Theory


It is based on the belief that learning takes place in a social context, that is, people learn from one another and that learning is promoted by modeling or observing other people

Social Learning Theory


This model provides the basis for much of the practice of health education and health promotion today.

The Health Belief Model


This framework provides that the health status existing in the population occurs due to too little or excess critical health-sustaining resources whereby people who have enough and safe food, shelter, water, and environment are vulnerable to infectious diseases which too much food will lead to obesity

Milos framework for prevention


This model explores many biopsychosocial factors that influence individuals to pursue health promotion activities

Pender's Health Promotion Model


It combines several theories of intervention

The transtheoretical Model


It is based on the assumption that behavior change takes place over time, progressing through a sequence of stages

The transtheoritical Model


It provides a model for community assessment, health education, planning, and evaluation

Precede-Proceed Model


In preparing to review different theories, nurse Bobby reviews basic information to assist in understanding the material. Theories defined as:

Concepts or propositions that project a systematic view of phenomena


When assessing the external variables that influence a client's health beliefs and practices, nurse Mindy must consider his

Income status


Nurse Marco is providing health education about injury and poisoning prevention to a group of young masters at a health fair. What type of prevention is the nurse conducting?

Primary Prevention


Client Clint reports that he believes he will "never lick the habit" of smoking because he has tried before and failed. Using the Transtheoretical Method (TTM), what stage of health behaviors is the client functioning in?

Action Stage


Honey, a public health nurse compares the rate of teenage pregnancy in various areas of the city. Which of the core functions of public health is being implemented?