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What is the definition of periodontits?

Loss of attachment and bone
Starts as plaque induced gingivitis


What are the characteristics of chronic periodontitis?

-Most prevalent in adults
-Destruction consistent with presence of local factors.
-Subgingival calculus frequent
-Slow to moderate progression, but can have periods of rapid.


What are the classifications of chronic periodontitis? (Localized and General. Slight, Moderate, and Severe).

Localized: Less than 30% of teeth
Generalized: More than 30%
Slight: 12 mm Clinical Attachement Loss (CAL)
Moderate: 3-4 mm CAL
Severe: >=5 mm CAL


What is the biggest etiology for getting chronic periodontitis? How does it progress?

Progresses in an asynchronous model


What is treatment of Chronic periodontitis?

-Preventing formation/eradication of plaque.
-Removal of sub and supra gingival plaque.
-OHI very important!


What is the definition of Aggressive periodontitis?

-Rare, Severe, rapidly progressing
-Often characterized by early age of manifestation.
-Except for periodontitis, patient otherwise healthy.
-Familial aggregation


What are some secondary features of aggressive periodontitis?

-Amounts of microbial deposits are inconsistent with severity of tissue destruction.
-Phagocyte abnormalities.
-Progression of attachment loss and bone may be self-arresting.


What is the classification of localized aggressive periodontitis?

-Circumpubertal onset
-robust serum antibody response to infecting agents.
-Localized First molar/incisor presentation with interproximal attachment loss on at least two permanent teeth.


What is the classification of generalized aggressive periodontitis?

-Usually affecting persons under 30 yrs.
-Poor serum antibody response
-Pronounced episodic nature of destruction of attachment and alveolar bone.
-Generalized interproximal attachment loss affecting at least 3 permanent teeth other than first molars and incisors.


What is important regarding AA?

Has a toxin that kills leukocytes and they are capable of invading into the tissue.


What increased titres of antibodies may be protective in preventing localized aggressive to generalized.