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what are some common modifying factors of periodontal disease?

Diabetes, pregnancy, smoking


What 2 things can occur regarding diabetic control and periodontitis?

-Incidence and severity of periodontitis is greater.
-Periodontitis increases insulin resistance.


What is diabetes effects on bacteria?

Spirochetes increase.


What is the effects of host response in people with diabetes?

-PMN function impaired with chemotaxis down.
-Cytokines, monocytes, and macrophages increase.
-Connective tissue synthesis reduces, and ROS damage cells.


How does diabetes effect periodontal treatment?

*If they are stable, effects are the same as non-diabetics.
-Treat early
-Avoid hypoglycemia
-May need to change insulin
-Know what to do in case of emergencies.


What are the effects of pregnancy on periodontitis?

-Estrogen effects salivary peroxidases.
-Estrogen increases collagen metabolisms.
-Increased vascular response and inflammatory mediators.
-increased gingival inflammation
-increased bleeding with gingivitis.


Can pregnancy cause periodontitis?

No! It only exacerbates the already present disease.


What is the effect on microbiota during pregnancy?

Increased P. intermedia.


What is the effect on host of pregnancy and periodontitis?

-Increased in Vascular permeability
-Decrease in keratinization
-Decrease in PMN chemotaxis and phagocytosis.


When is the best time to treat periodontitis during pregnancy?

2nd trimester.


What is the effects of menopause and osteoporosis on periodontitis?

Both can alter bone density, and may effect the severity of pre-existing disease.


Smoking and disease is directly related to what?

Dose of smoking.


What are current smokers, former smokers, and non smokers?

Current: Smoked >100 cigs and currently smoke
Former: Smoked >cigs and dont currently smoke
Non: not smoked >100 cigs and not currently smoke.


What is the most significant feature of smoking on periodontitis?

Gingival inflammation and bleeding actually goes down.


Smoking may be responsible for how many cases of periodontitis cases?

more than half.


Smoking in younger individuals is associated with what?

Increased severity of generalized aggressive periodontitis.


What are the effects of smoking on etiology of periodontal disease?

-No effect on plaque accumulation.
-Increased levels of pathogens in deep pockets and colonization of pathogens in shallow pockets.


What are the effects of smoking of periodontal therapy?

Decreased response to all therapy.
Increased risk for tooth loss
Tend to have progressive or recurrent disease.


In regards to implants, how does smoking effect it?

Increased risk for failure.