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TCP/IP Network Access Layer

Controls the hardware devices and media that make up the network. Exchanges frames between devices.



Breaking the message into smaller pieces for transmission. Allows different transmissions to be interleaved, taking turns sending their pieces (called multiplexing). Also increases reliability.


The encapsulation process / Data encapsulation

The process of adding various protocols and information to application data as it is passed down the protocol stack to be transmitted across the network media.

The process that adds additional protocol header information to the data before transmission.



Protocol Data Unit. The form that a piece of data takes at any layer during encapsulation.

• Data - The general term for the PDU used at the application layer
• Segment - Transport layer PDU
• Packet - Network layer PUD
• Frame - Data link layer PDU
• Bits - A Physical layer PDU used when physically transmitting data over the medium


Default gateway

The IP address of an interface on a router on the same network as the sending host.