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Statistics on population trends from 2005-2010, with author(s) and year.

In 2005-2010 populations in:
- LEDC's rose by 2% per year
- NEE's rose by 1-2% per year
- MIC's had low/no growth per year
- HIC's declined per year
(Ezeh et al. 2012)


Definition of globalisation, with author and year.

According to Zimmermann (2011), globalisation is the "exchange of ideas, goods and people" over a period of time.


What does globalisation involve, with author and year.

According to McGrew (2011), globalisation involves "expanding, deepening and accelerating international connectivity".


How does the UN define terrorism?

The UN define terrorism as "premeditated, politically motivated, violence, perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestines."


Give an argument for globalisation being a driver of terrorism, with author and year.

The roots of terrorism is poverty and inequality, globalisation promotes polarisation and social inequality and therefore drives terrorism (Zimmerman, 2011).


Give an argument against globalisation, with author and year.

Williamson (2011) warns that you cannot infer that globalisation will only have positive results.


Why does globalisation make drug trafficking more accessible? With author and year.

Web 2.0 technology has proposed more opportunities for communication and drug trafficking via. untraceable browsers such as TOR. (Love, 2018)