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What are three important antecedents to US constitutional law?

The Magna Carta 1215 that said even kings are bound by law, the democracy of 5th century BC Athens, the Roman senate


What were the Federalist papers?

Series of articles published to persuade the public to adopt the constitution


What are the bill of rights?

The first 10 amendments to the constitution including:
1. Freedom of speech and religion
2. Right to bear arms
4. No unreasonable search and seizure
6. Right to a fair trial


What is the 13th amendment?

Outlawed slavery


What is the 14th amendment?

Provides protection for all citizens regardless of race or gender


What is the 19th amendment?

Gives woman the right to vote


What did Adam Smith believe to be the basis of a strong and stable economy?

People's interest in their own economic gain.