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union v confed

ft sumt- began civil war
antietam-confeds first invasion to the north
vicksburg- siege of vicksburg was final military action in the vicksburg campaign
gettysburg- site of turning point in civ war
shermans march- military campaign in civ war through heorgia. by maj gen william tecumseh sherman of u ion army


emance proc

all slaves are free


jefferson davis

represent and senator of mississippi. 23 us secretary. president of confed states during civ war


ulysses s grant

18th pres of us. lead union to victory over confeds


rob e lee

commanded confed army of northern virginia in civ war


william t sherman

served as general in the union army during the civ wat


crittenden compromise

proposed protecting the institution of slavery through const. amendments. did not pass house of seneta and was rejec by abe linc