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A book that won a special Pulitzer Prize in 1977.

What is "ROOTS"?


A man named Alex Haley wrote the book that won the special Pulitzer Prize in 1977.

Who wrote the book "ROOTS"?


This is a novel about a girl who where's an "A" on her dress to signify her guilt.

What is the "Scarlet Letter"?


A man named Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the book about a girl who where's an "A" on everything she wears.

Who wrote the "Scarlet Letter"?


162. A group of 12 people chosen for their impartiality, has the job of deciding if a person accused of a crime is guilty or innocent.

What is a jury?


162. The people selected for this are questioned before they are picked.

How does the jury decide who they want to decide if the person is guilty or innocent?


163. A lawsuit against the brown family and the Topeka, Kansas board of education.

What is Brown v. Board of Education?


163. This lawsuit was about how races could be segregated as long as the facilities were equal.

What was the Brown v. Board of Education about?


164. This person is the head of the department if af state of the United States.

What is the Secretary of State?


164. The Highest ranking officer after the President.

What is the secretary of states rankings.


165. A play about a boy who never grows up and brings 3 children with him from the darling family from London to never-never-land.

What is the play Peter Pan.


165. James Matthew Barrie is the one who wrote a play about a boy who never grows up.

Who wrote "Peter Pan"?