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What is the Two-Handed escape from Knee-on-Belly

- put your knee-side hand on your opponent’s knee, keeping elbow in tight
- put your other hand on your opponent’s ankle using a C-grip, keeping elbow in tight
- adjust your/your opponent’s knee position if needed to ensure he will be balanced on you during the next step
- bridge up, high-centring your opponent and forcing your opponent to post a hand above your head
- combo: shoot the knee down as you release your bridge, and turn into your partner, collecting under-hooks, and trapping their knee in a half-guard
- complete guard recomposition


How do you sweep from Butterfly Guard when opponent has knee grips (or lower) to take Back Control?

- Butterfly Guard
- opponent has knee grips or lower
- cross C grip opponent’s wrist and same-side cup opponent’s elbow to pull and break grip
- followed by cross-arm-drag
- reach around and grab belt with same-side arm
- tuck same-side foot in
- look to where you are rolling
- lean back and roll as kick foot up
- end roll in mount
- add gable grip under opponent’s neck
- posture up and roll opponent to the other side and extend spine to stretch opponent out


How do you do the “Arm Lever Sweep” from Butterfly guard when opponent has knee grips (or lower)?

- cross sleeve parachute grip
- same-side arm reaches under to same-side lapel grab (not too high)
- roll in, head in and under lapel grip, as lifting and leveraging opponent’s arm to force a roll
- try to stay engaged and connected so you “lead the roll”
- retain arm grips so that you end up on your knees with your opponent laid out in front of you. Pull them around if necessary
- take side control


How do you catch the Omoplata from Butterfly Guard when opponent has knee grips (or lower)?

- same-side cup opponent’s elbow
- place same-side foot outside of opponent’s base
- pivot on your base and rotate/sweep your same-side leg up and over your opponent’s same-side shoulder, using your knee to collect their elbow, and then your hamstring to collect their arm, as you go
- heavy heel/leg


How do you “climb your opponent to shot the Triangle” from closed guard?

- same-side sleeve grip and cross lapel grip
- open guard and shrimp out to post inside foot on opponent’s hip and outside foot on opponent’s hip.
- shrimp out a bit more if necessary and put inside foot on opponent’s shoulder
- push out on opponent’s shoulder (breaking any grips)